Business Vrbo is going to block all the newest reservations...

Vrbo is going to block all the newest reservations made for Washington, DC in the inauguration week.


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The reservations that currently are will be retained but they will not be cancelled. Vrbo previously was holding numerous reservations for people to go to Washington DC, but suddenly, after reviewing what had happening on January the 6th, Vrbo is going to take the same stand as Airbnb, and they will be retaining the current reservations for the time being, and they won’t take any reservations from January 19th to January 22nd. They are doing this to safeguard the lives of the public, because on January 6th, soon to be ex-President Donald Trump did some tweets that incited people to march to the Capitol, 6 people died because of this act, and Trump’s tweeter got banned, social media handles got banned, from Facebook to Snapchat, Trump was banned from the Inauguration Day as well, and was impeached for the second time.

Residents were very afraid of the extremists finding their way to Washington DC, they could have planned some things that would cause the same situation which was caused on 6th of January by Trump supporters. Vrbo wants the safety of people as well. Airbnd closed and cancelled its reservation, as well as its current reservations, unlike Vrbo—they are not cancelling it, but postponing it for the time being.

Not only is Vrbo shutting down its operations, but other social media apps that can create events are banning the scheduling of any events such as Facebook. Amazon, Google, and Apple, are also following suit to make sure their services do not allow anything unfortunate happening. Amazon won’t distribute to these areas, Apple and Google are also staying clear, no one is taking any risk as peaceful transition of governance is the way to go for the time—it is needed.




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