Business Different Apps You Can Use On Christmas

Different Apps You Can Use On Christmas


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Christmas celebrations are in full swing and there is joy and happiness everywhere. No matter how tough this year has been, there is always something that you can do to cheer yourself and people in your family. This year has been tough for the people in all aspects. So you need to be careful while celebrating Christmas this year. After all the real essence of Christmas and all the celebrations is to share the happiness and happy moments with your loved ones and people around you as well.


There is a lot you can do keeping in mind the safety precautions prescribed by experts and the authorities and celebrate Christmas and keep yourself and others around you safe. One of the things can be to host online Christmas parties and celebrations, not getting too close to each other as you might get infected with COVID-19. So always keep in mind that you have to wear your masks at all times and practice Social Distancing. Also, one of the ways to enjoy Christmas is to enjoy your favorite movies and shows using the most affordable Spectrum channel packages. These can offer some HD movies and channels and a cinematic experience if you are missing going to the cinema and watching your favorite movies. Apart from that, you can use the following apps using your iPhones too to keep a track of your Christmas celebrations and enjoy Christmas in a better way:


Yasa Pets Christmas

This is one of the apps that can make your Christmas extra cute. The app is amazing for you and a must-have if you have kids at home and they love cats. You can imagine the app as a dollhouse that can allow players to explore and tap on the cat family popping up on the screen. Being the character of a cat you can open presents, dress your cats up, set the table for guests when it is dinner time, and do a lot more.

App Store Rating: 4.3


Christmas Booth: Photo Fun

The app is amazing for people who love to take pictures of themselves and their pets to make Christmas more crazy. Using the app you can become a snowman or turn your cat or dog into reindeer. You can either take a fresh picture of yourself or use your Camera Roll for a better click and share your pictures on social media platforms.

App Store Rating: N/A


NORAD Tracks Santa Claus

The app is considered the official app of the North American Aerospace Defense Command. The program was established in the year 1955 to track down the whereabouts of Santa throughout the world as he sets out to deliver presents to kids who are nice and naughty if they will go to sleep. You can use the app for free and let your kiddies do a lot. For instance, the app has a Christmas Eve countdown and has some exciting games as well. You can also play music, videos and even read books

App Store Rating: 3.4


Christmas Countdown

This is an app that is full of fun and can be used as an advent calendar for your phone. You can get the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds to Christmas displayed on your phone. You can select from several themes available in the app so that you can relate to the seasonal spirit and get facts about the festival. Also, there are different links to different songs as well. The app is free to use and has no ads popping up every time. If you want to buy the paid version of the app, then you can get some high-quality wallpapers as well.

App Store Rating: 4.8


Santa’s Naughty or Nice List+

This is one of the best fun app that you can use for free to have a great time with your kids and if you want to use the app to help them be at their best behavior. You can use a video on the app by Santa as an introduction and then ask them to touch the screen with their fingers. The app then runs a scan and generates a verdict if the child is naughty or nice. The app is simple but more fun to use as well.

App Store Rating: 4.4


Stay Safe!

These apps are one amazing way to help your kids understand that what is Christmas is all about. You can download one of the apps for Christmas and use them using the iPhone. You can help yourself and your kids to stay motivated, happy using the app, and practice Social Distancing.


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